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08 August 2010 @ 08:34 pm
Iron Man 2 ruined Jon Favreau's relationship with Marvel...and may cost us Iron Man 3  
"When word came down that Marvel was planning an Avengers movie which would bring all of their superhero franchises together in one place, a lot of people assumed Jon Favreau would be the top contender for the film’s directing job. After all, he started the modern Marvel craze with Iron Man and Favreau has sort of become the godfather of everything that happens in the Marvel movie universe. But somehow, he was never even considered and it wasn’t long before Favs moved on to Cowboys & Aliens. We never really knew why Favs wasn’t a contender for the Avengers job, at least until now.

According to one of our most reliable sources (this is the same source which first broke the news that Black Widow would be in Iron Man 2 and has given us numerous other confirmed scoops over the years) Favreau really wanted to direct The Avengers but Marvel didn’t want to pay for him. Their negotiations with Favreau to secure him as the director of Iron Man 2 were difficult and Favreau worked out a deal that got him paid more money. Marvel wasn’t willing to pay that kind of money again when it came time for The Avengers, and so even though Favs wanted to direct their superhero team-up movie, they didn’t want him. Instead Marvel has made it a point to seek out cheaper talent to direct all of their subsequent movies. Joss Whedon was hired to direct The Avengers and while he’s a mega-talented director he’s also a much cheaper hire than someone like Favreau.

It makes sense. If you’re making a movie like The Avengers, then to do it right you’ll end up spending a ton of money on special effects and talent. You have to cut costs somewhere and if you can do it while at the same time hiring incredibly talented people (like Whedon) then so much the better. But that doesn’t explain what happened to Iron Man 2.

If you’ve seen Iron Man 2 then you noticed that it wasn’t quite the movie we’d all hoped for. Actually it wasn’t very good. Part of the problem was the movie seemed wrapped around an odd, Avengers-focused, subplot which never really fit into the story. Jon Favreau may not have liked it any more than you or I do.

Our source says Iron Man 2 wasn’t the movie Jon Favreau wanted to make. Marvel interfered heavily with his work on the movie and turned the project into an infomercial for The Avengers. Favreau felt the movie was rushed into production (and if you followed the development process you know it was) and they pushed him into making it without a fully realized script. Iron Man 2 wasn’t the movie he wanted to make and because of that, if there’s an Iron Man 3, there’s every reason to think he won’t be back. Marvel doesn’t want to pay him and Favreau may not want to deal with more Marvel interference.

Favreau wasn’t the only one unhappy with Iron Man 2. Robert Downey Jr. saw those same problems and according to our source, “While he's locked for Iron Man 3, chances are, that will be his last movie.” In the meantime, Downey will get (and probably deserves) top billing in The Avengers.

While our source here is a proven commodity, as always with anything reported on the internet without official sanction, consider the above all rumor. Besides, there’s still plenty of time for Favreau and Marvel repair their relationship. Hopefully, before they start planning Iron Man 3, Marvel will have gotten around to playing kiss and make up with its Iron Man team. "

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andi88: Tonyandi88 on August 9th, 2010 01:49 am (UTC)
Ugh I feel so angry. I feel like Marvel ruined IM2 by rushing it. The whole process and movie felt extremely rushed and oddly put together. This could've been a great trilogy but it doesn't really seem like Marvel knows how to handle its own company. I remember watching IM shortly after seeing IM2 in theaters and feeling pretty upset then because I feel that IM is such a way better movie and doesn't feel rushed at all, instead it feels like everything was done deliberately well.

And tbh I'm looking forward to IM3 way more than The Avengers. Idk why but I feel like The Avengers is just going to be another X-Men 3 or something. We'll see though. I hope I'm wrong.
chosenfire28chosenfire28 on August 9th, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
The guy sounds like he's trying to make excuses, he failed just as much as Marvel. TBH I don't know or care who he is, Joss Whedon is a BAMF and I can't wait to see what he does with RDJ :D
SissiePoohstephiel on August 9th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
A couple of my friends saw IM2 a couple of weeks ago at a second-run movie theater, and they told me that IM2 didn't really deliver the big payoff which the first IM film did so incredibly well. IM2 was more about The Avengers and less about Tony Stark and the issues (both business and personal) which he had to deal with.

The fact that the film was rushed into production -- followed by a 3 month halt to all production due to the writer's strike -- didn't help either. The first IM had enough development time so it didn't feel like it had been rushed, and it showed in the finished product.

Also... if memory serves, the suits at Marvel also ran the same kind of interference tactics during filming of The Incredible Hulk. Director Louis Leterrier and star Edward Norton wanted a more character-driven action film, while Marvel wanted a pure action film. While we did get a fairly good movie out of the deal, both Leterrier and Norton were shut out from doing further Marvel movies, which is a real shame.
Accident-Prone Ninja-in-Trainingasinnerofsorts on August 9th, 2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
`If you’ve seen Iron Man 2 then you noticed that it wasn’t quite the movie we’d all hoped for.`

Trying to speak for everyone usually ends in failure. Case in point
jolinar_rosha: sheppard aiming gunjolinar_rosha on August 10th, 2010 11:58 am (UTC)
gods but the people at Marvel are idiots. I love Marvel, I've been reading Marvel titles all my life, but the decisions that The Powers That Be have made are, quite often, stupid and have messed a lot of characters up (especially in the comics).